Well tested is half done

Humans have a natural ability and desire to develop their living environment. By creating an environment for experimenting and piloting, we offer a fertile ground for this inclination to evolve from ideas into action.

To be able to create an atmosphere conducive to trying out new things, we need individual citizens and communities to come forward with bold new ideas that can challenge established ways of thinking. Practical experiments and pilot studies enable each and every one of us to be an agent of change in society.

The Government wants to help civil society break the barriers that there are on the path from everyday solutions to new ways of doing things. Experimenting is a good way of assimilating local practices to create new jobs, for instance. Local solutions that prove to be viable can then be applied on a wider scale.

The Kokeileva Suomi website enables you to share information about events, ideas and experiences and to search for people willing to take part in pilot studies.

I’m looking forward to seeing a popular movement interested in piloting evolve in Finland. Join us in reforming Finland!

Anu Vehviläinen, Minister of Local Government and Public Reform