Three levels of experimenting

Piloting and experimenting serve to learn, participate and fuel public debate and to openly question existing practices and structures.

There are three levels to the Government’s new approach for participating in experimenting and disseminating information. The three levels stem from Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government Programme and its implementation plan, and build on discussions held with those already trying out these new approaches.

Policy pilots and trials are related to a given policy matter or theme. They can be managed by a single organisation or by a networked team. Strategic pilot studies are ones that the Government itself executes, monitors and evaluates.

  • Strategic level – pilot studies selected by the Government, such as pilots for basic income, service initiatives and local government trials
  • Pooled pilots and partnerships level -  pilot studies that promote the objectives of the Government programme, executed in the regions, NGOs and business environment
  • Grass-roots level – civil society.