What support is there for piloting and experimenting?

The Prime Minister’s Office houses a service with a responsibility to provide information and tools for those engaged in experimenting, to create related networks, and to improve awareness of the experimental culture among various sectors and potential participants across Finland.

The service brings together Finland's best people and best stories. It carries on messages of related success stories and stumbling blocks. The service also supports experiments that promote the Government’s strategic objectives by removing existing obstacles and improving the chances of success.

Research data to complement piloting and experimenting

The Government’s assessment and research activities lend support to piloting and experimenting. So far, there have been three reports: a report on the funding of piloting and experimenting with a proposal for the establishment of a digital funding platform, the Design for Government report on ways to use behaviour-based experimental information in decision-making, and a preliminary study on alternative ways of organising a basic income pilot study.