Place to Experiment

Do you have a good idea? It’s a Place to Experiment!

Place to Experiment is a digital platform that helps you transform your ideas into concrete experiments. It is a community of different kinds of people: some have ideas, while others want to try out new things or spar others or provide funding, and yet others are end-users.

This is how it works: Tell the community about your idea, make a proposal for an experiment and start the experiment with support from the network. You can even submit a challenge by suggesting a problem for the community to ponder.

The Place to Experiment helps you find the right kinds of partners for your experiment and you can apply for crowdfunding and get support from different kinds of funders. The platform is a place where you can report on the progress of your experiment so that others can see how things are going and learn from your experiment.

The Place to Experiment is also a place where you can comment on other people’s ideas, take up a challenge, find information, discuss and share you skills.