Call to contestants: Design contest ‘Experimental Finland’

The procurement notice was published on TED on 13 September 2016.
Period for submitting requests to participate: from Tuesday, 13 September 2016 to Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A design contest is a new way to solve problems and buy digital innovations in public administration. In a design contest, the participants demonstrate their proposals for solving the challenges presented.

“A culture of experimentation will be introduced” is one of the key projects of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Government. The main challenges identified in promoting a culture of experimentation are lack of flexible micro-financing, fragmentation of the field and lack of information about viable solutions.

To solve these challenges, the intention is to build a digital platform with the working title ‘Time to Experiment’. The following have been identified as its principal functionalities: collection and classification of information about various societal challenges, ideas, experiments and solutions; crowdsourcing solutions for funding experimentation; and tools enabling networking and interaction. The service must be produced using an open source code, since the goal is to enable a service that can be maintained widely and developed further at a later stage. 

As part of the design contest, a hackathon will be arranged in the Greater Helsinki area from 24 to 25 October 2016.

Requests to participate in the design contest should be sent to the Prime Minister’s Office at [email protected] primarily electronically by 4 October 206 at 12.00 noon. If electronic delivery is not possible, the request can be delivered as a hard copy to the address: Prime Minister’s Office, P.O. Box 23, 00023 Government (street address: Ritarikatu 2 B, Helsinki, Finland).

The contest code VNK/1677/26/2016 must be visible in the subject line of the e-mail message or on the envelope.

Questions concerning the procurement

Within the time allotted, the Prime Minister’s Office received one question pertaining to the call to contestants:

Question: “The contest entry must be submitted as a readable entity that shows how the entry meets the challenge presented. However, the contest entry can include moving images or sound.”

Does this mean that the contest entry (or a part of it) cannot be an interactive experience (e.g. a web application that includes various views and functions)? In other words, is it absolutely essential, after the hackathon, to submit the application windows probably included in the contest entry as images or as a presentation in video format?

Answer: The question refers to section 6.1 of the call to contestants, Submission of the contest entry. The interpretation is correct: the contest entry must be submitted in a format that can no longer be modified after the submission deadline. For this reason, interactive components are not permitted, but a video presenting the use of interactive components is permissible.

Specification of the call to contestants

After the call to contestants was published, it has proved necessary to specify the following sections in the call:

Section 5.2. – Hackathon

The Prime Minister’s Office awards prizes to the contestants as follows:

  • EUR 10 000 to the winning team of the hackathon
  • EUR 2 100 to all other teams that were selected for the hackathon and submitted a contest entry

The pitches for the hackathon may be made either in Finnish or in English.

Section 6.1. – Submission of contest entries

The contest entries may be submitted either in Finnish or in English

The contest entry should include a preliminary road map

The teams selected for the hackathon are published on 5 October 2016. A kick-off for the selected teams will be arranged in the House of the Estates at Snellmaninkatu 9–11 on 7 October 2016.

Jury of the design contest

The Prime Minister’s Office has selected the following persons to serve on the jury of the design contest:

  • Max Hamberg, Director of Division, Prime Minister’s Office
  • Markus Rahkola, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Finance
  • Kalle Nieminen, Specialist, Sitra
  • Hanna Äijälä, CEO, Pivo Wallet Oy

Jury of the hackathon

The Prime Minister’s Office has selected the following persons to serve on the jury of the hackathon:

  • Peter Vesterbacka
  • Cristina Andersson
  • Mikael Jungner
  • Tuija Aalto
  • Aleksi Kopponen