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The website offers information to those interested in piloting and experimenting, lists projects in progress and gives advice to organisations planning to launch such ventures. The website is a communication channel for the priority area of promoting experimenting, which is part of the Government’s key project for making changes to operating modes. 

The Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for the Kokeilevasuomi.fi website. It is maintained by the Government Policy Analysis Unit at the Prime Minister’s Office.

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The site is subject to the same terms of use as the Government website.


If you have and questions or wish to submit feedback about the website, please use this form to contact us. If you wish to receive a reply, please include your contact details (email address or name and address). In general, responses will be sent by email. All official correspondence should be sent to the Government Registry at [email protected]

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Further information on the website is available from the Government Communications Department at:

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