Week to Experiment is here again!

Publication date 29.8.2018 11.47 | Published in English on 1.10.2018 at 10.27
News item

The third National Week to Experiment will be held this autumn. The campaign, to take place from 8 to 12 October 2018, challenges to showcase the results of experiments under the theme ‘harvesting from experiments’.

The aim of the week is to experiment with an open mind and bring forth what has been learned and achieved in earlier experiments. During the week we will reflect on how the good results of experiments could be better rooted and disseminated more widely.

The week will show as various kinds of events and a social media campaign. You can use the identifier #kokeiluviikko to follow the week in social media, and people and organisations are encouraged to present their own learning doctrines by using the identifier #kokeilutarinani.

More information on the numerous events to be held in different parts of Finland will be available soon. You will find an updated programme of events at kokeilevasuomi.fi/kokeiluviikko (in Finnish). To register your own event to the Week to Experiment, please contact kokeilut(a)vnk.fi.

As before, the week will be organised by a group people dedicated to promoting a culture of experimentation. The organisations involved in the campaign are the Experimental Finland Team, Digital Municipalities Experiment of the Ministry of Finance, D9 Digital Team of the State Treasury, Courage to Experiment Programme of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Regional State Administrative Agencies, Silo Breakers of the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.


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