Experimental Tampere - It is a Journey!

15.3.2017 10.29
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Learning cafe in action

Experimental Tampere is more than a one-day event. It is a journey. The journey started with its conception and is still going on with all our partners engaged to take experimental culture from words to actions.

From an idea into reality

Our idea was born when Tampere City launched its Smart City program and invited companies, communities and citizens to develop the Smart City of Tampere together. To take the idea further and to embrace experimental culture, we planned the event as a forum that gathered key development actors: city representatives, business leaders, organizations, citizens and of course students and staff from the three universities of Tampere to network, think and plan together what a Smart University in a Smart City of Tampere could be.

There is only one way to do it better: try again -and we certainly will! 

When Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK), together with all the universities of applied sciences in Finland, decided to embark on this adventure, we committed ourselves to being courageous and to trying something new. As we embraced experimental culture to the fullest, our team in TAMK became an eager user of Twitter, a new tool for all of us. It was a great way to spread the word and inspire people. We might not yet completely understand the full impact of the event, but we can already be happy that the work continues. Two ideas pitched in the event are evolving into actual projects, several others are under further processing and the concept of the event remains alive with annual execution.

Student involvement in the event management

Salla Sillanpää, Aija Nurminen and Mari Laaksonen"We are three Bachelor of Social Services students and in our curriculum is a study module of promoting people’s participation. The study module is performed as a project and we had an amazing chance to be a part of Experimental Tampere. On Friday morning, 13th of January 2017, we gathered looking our best and did the last check-ups on how participation can be promoted and supported in this particular event. Participation occurs in appreciation, equality and trust in the members, as well as an opportunity to influence within their community. This happened also in the Learning Café –workshops where activities were based on a purely voluntary basis. Each table group formed a small-scale community where everyone had an equal right to present their own ideas, or not to present. This was supported e.g. by placing all equipment easily accessible to all. All and all the day was very educational for us and we were able to network and learn about participation."

Text by Clémentine Arpiainen, Heli Turunen, Eija Syrjämäki and students Salla Sillanpää, Aija Nurminen, Mari Laaksonen

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