Crowdfunding platform for piloting and experimenting

Government Communications Department
31.5.2016 13.15
Press release 235/2016

The Prime Minister's Office will start preparations for creating a crowdfunding platform for piloting and experimenting. In its second supplementary budget for 2016, the Government proposed seed funding amounting to EUR 2 million to finance a digital funding platform and related administrative organisation and also to fund experiments and trials.

A funding platform for pilots and experiments is a major step in promoting an experimental culture. The capital collected by means of the platform will help finance small trials, dissemination of best practices and collection of information related to experimenting. The platform also brings together different parties by enabling businesses, foundations and NGOs to take part in supporting and funding pilots and experiments, for instance.

The initiative for the funding platform for piloting and experiments came from the project for the funding of piloting and experimenting (KORVA).

Inquiries: Ira Alanko, Project Manager, tel. +358 295 160 028, Prime Minister’s Office

More information on piloting and experimenting at:

English translation of the press release published on 1 June 2016

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