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The Prime Minister’s Office is responsible for the website and it is maintained by the Government Communications Department of the Prime Minister’s Office. 

The website offers information to those interested in piloting and experimenting, lists projects in progress and gives advice to organisations planning to launch such ventures.

The website is a communication channel for the priority area of promoting experimenting, which is part of the Government’s key project for making changes to operating modes. 


If you have and questions or wish to submit feedback about the website, please use this form to contact us. If you wish to receive a reply, please include your contact details (email address or name and address). In general, responses will be sent by email. All official correspondence should be sent to the Government Registry at

Web browsers and terminal devices

The website uses responsive design and the content adapts to the device being used. The pages are best viewed with the latest browser versions. The website can be viewed with earlier browser versions but then you might not be able to make full use of all the service features available.

Downloading and reader applications

To read the PDF files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader program.

To read ePUB files, you need a reader application supported by your device.

The website also contains direct webcasts and video recordings in the form of live streamings from a separate server and adaptable to the device being used.

Terms of use

Please read carefully the terms of use. By using this website, you agree to the terms of use.


The Prime Minister’s Office, or any other named information provider, owns the copyright to the texts, photographs, images and video recordings published on the website. This means that the copyright of press releases, for example, is always held by the issuing organisation.

All text material can be freely used and linked to in proper context and provided that reference is made to the original source. Use of the material for commercial purposes requires prior agreement with the Prime Minister’s Office.

Photographs, images and other material and related copyright

The Prime Minister’s Office also disseminates photographs, images and other material related to piloting and experimenting activities and events in Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The Prime Minister’s Office holds the copyright to all photographs, images and other material, unless otherwise specified in the material. Government photographs and images may be used in connection with news and other information dissemination. Other uses, for example in educational materials and study books, are also permitted.

The photographer and copyright holder must be acknowledged in connection with each photograph, image and other material. The photographs, images and other material may not be manipulated or altered without permission, utilised inappropriately or contrary to accepted morality and behaviour, or adopted for marketing, advertising or any other commercial purposes. Users cannot transfer publication rights to a third party.

Legal notice

The Prime Minister's Office is responsible for the website. Each organisation is responsible for the press releases and other material they have published on the website.

Every effort is made to keep information on the website up-to-date and accurate.

The Prime Minister’s Office is not responsible for any losses or damage suffered by users due to possible errors on the site. Nor is the Ministry responsible for any harm caused by technical problems or any material published by external parties and linked to the website.

Linked pages are subject to their respective terms of use. The Prime Minister's Office assumes no responsibility for any third party website updates, publications or the accuracy of the information provided on their websites. Where our site contains links to other sites, that does not mean that the Prime Minister's Office has or has had any responsibility for the functioning of those sites or any products or services provided through them.

On this website, the Prime Minister's Office has the right, but is under no obligation, to monitor and check the content of texts in parts of the site where users  post or transfer messages and related content.

The Prime Minister's Office is not responsible for the content of such messages, irrespective of whether legislation on copyright, defamation or privacy protection or any other acts apply to such messages. At its discretion, the Prime Minister’s Office can remove any user-posted material it considers inappropriate from its website.

The Prime Minister's Office does not pay compensation for the use of this website or for any information that users may provide through it. Users grant the Prime Minister’s Office unrestricted, global rights free of any charge to use and edit any such materials.

The Prime Minister's Office cannot guarantee the confidentiality of messages sent through an open information network. Users should avoid sending confidential information via email.

No material on this website can be deemed an offer, request or commitment that is binding on the Prime Minister's Office.

The Prime Minister's Office retains the right to update, revise or change the terms of use and the content and visual image of the website. Users are advised, from time to time, to check the terms of use in force on this webpage. The Prime Minister's Office has the right, at any time and for an unspecified reason, to suspend the provision of these website services, for example for the duration of maintenance and updating.

Users undertake to compensate injured parties in full for any damage arising from the breach of these terms of use by the user in question.

Where any part of these terms of use are deemed to be in violation of an unconditional legal provision or cannot be applied in practice, such a part will not affect the validity of other parts of these terms of use.

Finnish law shall apply to these terms of use and their interpretation, aside from cases in which there is a conflict between the legal provisions in question.

Personal data management

Under the Personal Data Act, the Prime Minister’s Office is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of visitors to the website. We do not collect data that would enable the identification of individual visitors.

Information is only collected on how users access and use the website. This information is then used for developing the website services.

Such data includes

  • pages viewed
  • time
  • IP address
  • web browser and operating system.

The Prime Minister's Office only keeps a record of contacts and other details given by the users themselves, in order to be able to answer any requests for contact, or questions or feedback.

Social extensions

The website has links to the websites of third parties and social extensions (e.g. Twitter social plug-ins). Any third party extensions or plug-ins on this website are downloaded from their respective servers. This website does not send information on its users through social extensions.

Third party services and the applications provided by them are subject to their respective terms of use and other conditions.

More information

Further information on the website is available from the Government Communications Department at:

Prime Minister’s Office
Snellmaninkatu 1 A, Helsinki
PO Box 23, FI-00023 Government, Finland
Telephone +358 295 16001